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Hermann London – Life of a Real Estate company on a Shoestring Budget

If there’s one thing I did right, it was starting a business on my own. After telling my broker that I was going to launch my own company, I knew it would be a struggle. But I couldn’t have asked for a better first year.

Slightly more than one year ago, Hermann London was created. We’re a small real estate company, with about twenty agents, but each one has brought something useful to the table. Every person has their own little niche in St. Louis, which means we all work really well together. There’s no fighting over who gets a listing or what needs to be done, instead we bounce ideas off each other and make sure everyone feels successful.

Because we are smaller, we find ourselves working with a shoestring budget. But that certainly doesn’t bog us down; instead it makes us work smarter. With limited finances, we must find creative ways to advertise and get our name out to the public. One way we do this is by our wide presence on the internet. All the listings are posted on a minimum of ten real estate sites where many people search, like Craigslist and Trulia.

We also attend several networking events throughout the year to talk with different companies and agents who can give us recommendations. Furthermore, Hermann London holds numerous networking events of our own, like the Hermann London 5k. This increases community involvement and also familiarizes our name with the public. Many of our agents also partake in charities and community development committees so they can network at those events as well.

In order to save money, we didn’t have an office right away either. We played our part by acting big and professional and saw the customers responding. After we started expanding and seeing money coming in, we thought it best to start renting a space in Maplewood. That way when clients wanted to meet us, we could actually tell them they could come by the office instead of meeting them somewhere.

Technology was another useful tool when it came to acting like our rivals. We used a multi-line phone as well as our cell phones to conduct business. This let customers believe we were in line with our competitors. Then we also had impressive business cards made, but at a small price, adding to our professional appearance.

Another great way to look like a big competitor was to have a remarkable, functioning website that put others to shame. All the agents help write articles and add content to make sure our clients can find whatever they need at the click of a button. Plus this makes us more “Google-worthy” when people search for real estate related items. Our goal is to come up on every page ever searched – big goal, but why not? We also have a blog where we can write about anything and everything, and it’s still helping to promote the company.

We also realize that without caring people we wouldn’t have clients. Real estate is everyone’s passion that works here and it shows. Our agents truly want their clients to find their dream home, even if it takes 30 different showings to find it. They are patient and flexible, allowing customers to feel little if no pressure. They’ll do anything to get that smile on a client’s face, knowing they’ve helped someone find the perfect fit. We know that when we take good care of our clients, they are likely to come back to us down the road and give our name to their friends.

It’s hard to stretch a dollar these days, but when you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a good heart, it makes no difference how much money you have to start your business. Hermann London has succeeded in every way possible while minimizing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. We plan, perform and pull through with the highest standards. That’s what makes us a great shoestring startup company.

The Hermann London Group, LLC
7350 Manchester Road
Maplewood, MO 63143

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