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RelevanSi: The Successes of an International Shoestring Venture and Green Initiatives.

RelevanSi: The successes of an international shoestring ventureImagine a company that is able to offer creative and multi-lingual web development, branding, consulting, marketing, iPhone applications and many other technological solutions that are all integrated into each other. This company is able to do so at the most competitive pricing points in the world. Pablo Carrega did just that and RelevanSi was born.

RelevanSi is an international business solutions and communications firm started in January of 2010. We started in the apartment of our CEO, Pablo, with two founders and a handful of interns but over this year have continued to grow and develop to the point where we now have a small office in Palermo, a burro in Buenos Aires with 15 employees. Our founding and rise has been as intriguing and exciting as the idea behind RelevanSi.

Our CEO, Pablo, has always had a passion for technology and the green movement. A few years ago, while working as a legal counsel in Buenos Aires and Paris, Pablo realized that a large gap exists between these two sectors. Although the green community has been growing rapidly and consistently for years, it is still struggling to be present in the world´s largest marketplace: the world wide web. With this in mind, Pablo left the law firm to realize his passion of providing technological and visual solutions to the green community.

Part of our secret to success and maintaining a low operating budget while we are still starting up is the passionate people who work for experience, the company and the cause. Pablo started by recruiting the most talented professionals in the world in their respective fields; from web design, programming and animation to marketing and video technique. His ultimate aim was to build a team with the skills and talents needed to bridge the gap between the grassroots values of the green movement and emerging innovations in technology. There were only two requirements to join: expertise in your field and a passion for sustainability and the green movement. Thus an international, multi-lingual team of specialists was born.

If your venture is not back by your full confidence and passion then it will be very hard to find others who are willing to work long and hard for little compensation in the beginning. RelevanSi can not express enough, how having dedicated employees and interns is a crucial part of any new venture. Being part of a startup is one of the most thrilling experiences any professional will ever have. Instead of working for the over-worshiped dollar, you are living and dying by every breath and keystroke in an effort to push forward.

You may work 18 hour days and at the end of the day wonder how you possibly made it through twelve hours without a meal. This being said, this exhilarating rush will make you far more happy than any eight hour day you spent in an office pushing paperwork for a company you didn’t care about. Each and every employee at RelevanSi is proud to be using our skills and talents to help companies and individuals in the green community more relevant online. We call ourselves RelevanSi for this reason, and our mission is to provide revolutionary technological and visual solutions to the green community in order to help them effectively communicate their unique values and concerns to a global audience. The results are powerful.

At RelevanSi we are committed to conserving the environment and spreading the green message through green practices, education and communication. As a company we focus on helping green businesses be more relevant online, but we ourselves are also active in the green movement. We constantly monitor our own environmental impact and strive to identify how we can improve on this. We believe that sustainable values should be deeply ingrained within business practices and at RelevanSi the two function side by side.

It is also important to us that our green practices continue outside the office and we encourage our staff to make environmentally responsible choices and to be involved with the green community. Finally, we are currently working on our own non-profit side project which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues in Argentina, and world-wide. Together, we can make a difference.

RelevanSi offers multi-faceted solutions for green businesses, cause and action groups, NGO’s and non-profits. We also offer services to companies that are working to become more sustainable. As a small green business ourselves, we have an inside perspective on the needs and desires of our clients that most companies in our field do not. We understand what it means to live and breathe the green message and we are passionate about helping YOU communicate it with the world!

Although we are a start-up, the talented individuals that make up RelevanSi have years of experience in their fields, and a level of creativity and passion unmatched in any other firm in the industry. The international nature of our team also means that we speak six or more languages in our office at any given time. This can be a huge advantage to businesses and individuals looking to communicate their message on a truly global scale.

We are currently in the process of research and development for a non-profit videoblog called MyGreenVid, which will promote environmental education through original documentaries concerning environmental issues. It will be an interactive website, although the idea and direction will come from our team, we hope that it will be built upon by the public. Thereby, we aim to create a new platform where the public can interact with and connect to the green movement.

In the spirit of pioneering new methods of communication, our team is also currently in the process of developing two additional projects that will be featured on MyGreenVid: an interactive eBook for children as well as a cartoon, both centered around ecological issues and education.

Through these fun and engaging platforms, we aim to capture the attention of people of all ages – from as early as Kindergarten – who are concerned with environmental issues. We believe it is important that even young children start to be aware of the environmental problems we are facing.

The ultimate goal of MyGreenVid is to provide a forum for the open exchange of environmental ideas between individuals, businesses and organizations. We hope that by utilizing state-of-the-art methods and by taking a fresh approach to environmental issues, we can bring people together through information and technology. We would eventually love for MyGreenVid to develop into its own non-profit organization.

Having a non-profit cause and project such as this is a great way to allow the public to see your venture for what it really is…passionate. Not only that, but also it allows your employees to have a face in the company. These projects are usually much less demanding on the staff and can be a great internal public relations as well as your company’s ability to generate media attention. Consumers are interested in what you are giving back, not just your product. Studies have shown that consumers are oversold anyways and that reputation and recommendations are much more effective marketing and PR tools.

Our primary focus at the moment is on our web development, branding, Social Media, iPhone apps, Facebook Apps, SEO services, and marketing. However, we also have experts on our team who are in the process of developing new programs and services to provide to our clients. We hope to announce some of these in the near future.

On another note, we believe that innovation is an essential part of any good IT business and we are always looking to take on new and exciting projects. We would never turn down an idea or project simply because it is new to the company. On the contrary, the dynamic that arises when our clients propose a new idea and we work together to make it happen can be truly magical. We welcome this as an essential part of the creative process. As a startup you must be willing to be open to new ideas and potential products or services that you can offer. You will miss out on many opportunities if you begin turning down potential projects or clients.

Part of our earliest struggle was securing new clients. This is commonly what keeps a CEO up at night, especially without the luxury of investors. We are continually searching for new clients, which can be difficult while word of mouth and your network is still limited. If your business model, strategy, and product are solid then half of your work is done. The important part to remember is that you want your CEO and top managers working on your company, not in your company. It is crucial that your CEO and top managers are not utilizing their time performing the services or making the product themselves. These are the people that should be managing your employees, strategizing, and most importantly finding new clients and customers that will keep your employees working. This is one basic business mistake that is made more than any other.

The scenario is a common one. The top level people want to help with the workload to minimize costs and help bring down the overhead because that looming debt and budget are ever-present in their minds. This is completely understandable and it is a hard instinct to ignore, but these are usually the people who have the talents, education, and sales skills that need to be constantly directed at driving sales. Our biggest advice is to fight that feeling that you need to spend the second half of your 16 hour day working in your company, and instead spend those hours working on pushing your company forward and selling your commodity.

RelevanSi is offering promotional deals for any company, NGO or venture interested in our services or consultation for anyone that mentions this article.

U.S. Office – 435.760.4825
Buenos Aires Office – +54.15.6732.1109

[email protected]

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