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Book: The Work-At-Home Success Bible: A Complete Guide for Women: Start Your Own Business; Balance Work and Home Life; Develop Telecommuting Strategies

Leslie TruexA short bio about the business book author:

Leslie Truex, also known as The Pajama Mama, truly knows how to combine comfort with making a living. For over a decade she has been working at home, often in her pajamas, and helping others do the same.

Before finding success working at home, she ran into many of the same problems other work-at-home wannabes encounter. She fell for a variety of scams and schemes, but she persevered and eventually found herself working at home not just in one job, but several. She has telecommuted as a school program coordinator, social worker, sales woman, and real estate agent. In recent years, she has worked as a freelance researcher and writer for several Internet companies, as well as a freelance web site manager, and online entrepreneur.

In 1998, Leslie started sharing her real life experiences and tips through Today the website has up to 100,000 visitors a month, and has been recognized by telework and small business associations as a quality resource for work-at-home information. She has been interviewed by The Daily Buzz,, Women’s Day Magazine, Redbook, Today’s Parent and in a host of other media outlets. Leslie is also the author of The Work-At-Home Success Bible.

The Work-At-Home Success Bible: A Complete Guide for Women: Start Your Own Business; Balance Work and Home Life; Develop Telecommuting StrategiesA book synopsis:

The Work-At-Home Success Bible is a step-by-step guide to helping women create the work-at-home career of her dreams. It covers everything from how to ask a boss to work at home, to finding a work-at-home job online. It provides instructions for starting a home business either by buying one, creating one from scratch, or making money online. Readers also learn about how to afford to come home and manage the day-to-day aspects of working at home. Finally the book provides tips on how to balance work and family while living and working under one roof.

In 50 words or less, write a paragraph stating why readers should buy your book and what they will get out of it after reading it.

The Work-At-Home Success Bible is designed for anyone who wants to work at home in a job or business, but doesn’t know where to start or what to do. It will take them step-by-step in identifying their skills, interests and passions, and how to develop them into money-making jobs or businesses.


The number one question I get asked through my site is about work-at-home jobs. I realized that while the majority of visitors wanted a home-based job, there was very little information about telecommuting particularly in books. A few books had a paragraph or maybe a chapter, but none went through all the details of asking a boss to work at home, or finding and getting hired to a work at home job. So I decided to write the book on telecommuting.

It was the publisher, Adams Media that asked for the “Bible” (its words not mine) to working at home. It wasn’t what I proposed, but I was excited to write it. My goal became to write the book I wish existed when I first wanted to work at home.

Writing the book and even getting it published was a straight forward process. But marketing it has been my biggest challenge. There is this belief that traditional publishers handle the marketing and all the author has to do is show up at signings. The reality is that the majority of the marketing has been done by me. The publisher sent out review copies of the book and is available when I have questions or need more books sent for events or reviews. But everything else has been implemented by me. Fortunately the Internet helps with tools and a big reach.

The best marketing and PR strategies for me have been using resources such as Help a Report Out (Haro) and Reporter Connection to respond to media inquiries about small and home business, telecommuting, and work/life balance. Through these resources I’ve been interviews for Redbook, Women’s World and other large media. Other marketing strategies I use include social networking primarily Twitter and Facebook, and offering articles or interviews to other website owners or podcast hosts. I’m also doing more seminars online and off, which I enjoy a great deal. So much so that I’m teaching work-at-home related courses through the local community college and focusing on expanding my public speaking opportunities. This year I spoke at the Virginia Festival of the Book and I’ve submitted pitches to speak at various women’s conferences next year.

But probably the best marketing is through my site where I continue to post jobs every weekday on the blog and every Friday in the newsletter. I also provide home business ideas and information, scam alerts and more. Publishers today want to work with authors that have a platform. is my platform and where the idea of the book and initial readers of the book came from.

The best advice I can give to anyone wanting to start a business or become a writer is learn to market and develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Nothing happens without marketing, that’s how crucial it is. It took me awhile to develop a consistent marketing schedule, and as a result I had haphazard results. Today, much of what I do in my business whether it’s for my online ventures or my book is marketing tasks. The Internet offers a variety of great free and low cost tools to help with this including blogs, social networking, article distribution, etc, but people shouldn’t forget offline methods such as business cards, networking, speaking or training, and local media PR.

Leslie Truex

The Work-At-Home Success Bible: A Complete Guide for Women: Start Your Own Business; Balance Work and Home Life; Develop Telecommuting Strategies

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