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Spearmint Baby – Shoestring Startup Inspiring Mothers

The original vision for was to inspire mothers looking for unique and creative ways to enrich the lives of their families. The company was started in April of 2009 and has been profitable since it’s first month. As a child, I worked in my family’s produce business and learned how important it is to keep overhead low and to focus on the things that matter most.

For Spearmint Baby, the things that matter most are finding products, stories and activities that make motherhood better. There are lots of products and services, but few of them truly make things better. How many times has your child received a toy that they played with once or twice only to fade into the clutter? By contrast, making homemade play dough or rainbow cupcakes keeps them involved and creates genuine moments. Said simply, Spearmint Baby is about creating more of these moments and less of the clutter. Finding unique and interesting clothing, inspiring nursery ideas and products that make life simpler are all part of Spearmint Baby’s mission.

To date, we have a built a wonderful and loyal following and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to grow and enrich that community. Recently, we added a contributing editor that posts Monday “frugal finds” that help growing families make the most of their budgets. In coming months, we will be adding more contributing editors to deepen our original content.

In addition, we have added Spearmint Boutique leveraging the Amazon associates program to test the willingness of our audience to purchase products – the experiment has been an overwhelming success. This success has been very valuable as we begin to develop products to meet the needs of our growing audience. Future Spearmint Baby branded products will be sold through Spearmint Boutique and other distribution channels.

Lastly, we have framed our future market sites: Spearmint Décor, Spearmint Wedding and Spearmint Kitchen. Our biggest challenge is finding unique and engaging content in a crowded space. The more we interact with our community, the more we learn about their needs and how best to deliver content and products that enrich their family lives.

Our exit strategy is simple: build an enduring company that teaches our children the importance of entrepreneurship. Everything else is just gravy.

Shari Lott
Spearmint Baby

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