Jordan Gottlieb of Go Green Fundraising is Revolutionizing the Way Groups Raise Money

Jordan Gottlieb played sports starting with soccer at the age of 4 and participated in extra-curricular activities all the way through the end of high school. During that time, he (and his parents) helped with dozens and dozens of fundraisers to pay for everything from a new playground for the elementary school to raising money to travel to soccer tournaments. There is no actually tally, but it’s not impossible that he sold thousands of candy bars over the years. He had always been an environmentalist at heart and dreamed of growing up to be a veterinarian so that he could care for animals.

He grew up and went to college, got married, graduated, and went to work for a major technology company. He quickly realized that corporate life wasn’t for him and started thinking about what his passions were and where they could lead him. He had spent some time dabbling in web design and had taught himself search engine optimization techniques so he knew that the internet was a great place to launch his new venture, but what to do? It dawned on him that there were no options available for groups who wanted to raise money with healthy or environmentally friendly products. Groups had to make do with cookie dough and candy bars and he knew that these were terrible choices for the young people who do most of the fundraising in this country. With this realization in mind, he set out to create a new way to fundraise.

He started out with a very basic website and a selection of products that were green but that groups could legitimately sell and make a profit on. It wouldn’t make any sense to offer products that were green but that no one would buy, or products that were green that people would buy but that the group wouldn’t make any money on. That meant developing a product line that was both simple and effective.

As of this article being published, Go Green Fundraising has helped more than 2,000 groups learn about and find eco friendly fundraisers. They have helped groups ranging from those doing elementary school fundraising programs with more than 750 people to individuals raising money for a study abroad trip.

He is incredibly excited to see organizations of all types ditching the old, wasteful, and unhealthy fundraisers in favor of options like the living tree fundraiser, flower bulb fundraiser, healthy trail mix fundraiser, and the reusable shopping bag fundraiser. It’s also thrilling to see whole states like Texas and California banning the sale of unhealthy foods on school campuses. He firmly believes that the best way to green up the planet and to build a healthier population is by teaching good habits to kids while they are young and green fundraisers are an excellent way to do just that.

He does reflect that there were some lessons that he wishes he had known before he started on his green fundraising adventure. For one, a better plan starting out would have made a huge difference down the road. For Jordan, the most important part of the success of his business is reaching more groups, which coincidentally is also the best way to spread the green message. He knew some basic search engine optimization techniques and used them to the best of his knowledge when he first laid out his website. However, taking a longer term view would have allowed him to be reaching many more people at this time than he currently is. But he refuses to look back and recently revamped the entire site to make it easier to explore and to help groups better find the perfect eco friendly products to sell for their group.

Jordan says that the current lineup of products on Go Green Fundraising has already made a huge difference but he isn’t satisfies with resting on his laurels. No, he says with a smile, Go Green Fundraising is ALWAYS on the lookout for new products and new categories to add to further expand the reach of eco friendly fundraising. For example, he says, he already offered an excellent healthy food fundraiser that featured dry food mixes made from all natural and organic ingredients. But it just wasn’t the perfect fit for many groups who wanted a simpler product and so he set out to find additional healthy foods to offer these groups. He realized that trail mixes featuring all natural seeds and nuts would make an excellent alternative and would compete extremely well against more entrenched snack programs like fruit snacks. It also offered an excellent profit margin for his groups and so within a matter of days he had found a manufacturer, designed a brochure, and was offering healthy trail mix fundraisers.

He credits his success to that kind of quick action and to his perseverance. When he sees an opportunity that he thinks can benefit the groups he works with, he doesn’t hesitate to get it added.

Jordan says that leaving the corporate world to make a difference, especially for young people, and more especially now that he has children of his own, is one of the most rewarding decisions he has ever made. He cautions others considering doing the same thing that it shouldn’t be about the money because starting a business can be financially draining for a long time. If you want to make a difference though, and you know how and where you want to make that difference, go for it. Just have a good plan and keep focused on what you are doing and what the ultimate goal is – making a difference for this beautiful planet of ours. If you can keep that as your focus, you should have no problem successfully building an eco friendly business.

Go Green Fundraising started with an extremely small budget, basically no budget at all so they had to make do with what they could. They have started to get some of their brochures printed on recycled paper with soy based inks and going forward they have a plan to have all of their paper goods printed on recycled papers. They are also developing a number of programs that eliminate the need for paper and move the entire fundraising process online which should prove to be a very exciting development in the broader world of fundraising.

Jordan Gottlieb

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