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Kathy McEvoy, Founder of Celebrate In Pink and Survivor, Promotes Socially Responsible Partying

How many of you are or were caught up in the Corporate America way of life? As my hand goes up, let me tell you that I was a successful executive with a stressful job who put in many long hours and travelled frequently. I lived this life for over 25 years before I got my wake up call. In May 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I received my diagnosis on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. I used the weekend to regroup and look at how I was living my life. I realized that I was dedicating myself to an entity, not even a person or a cause. Once I looked at it this way, I knew that I had to change my priorities. When I returned to work on Tuesday, I resigned from my position to focus on me and getting through my cancer treatment. I never looked back.

Along my cancer journey, one thing I quickly found out is that disease is a real equalizer; it doesn’t respect any demographic or socioeconomic boundaries. Although I had what is considered to be very good health insurance, by the time I covered deductibles and co-pays a considerable chunk of savings was disappearing fast. I watched while many women who were underinsured or had no insurance at all become financially devastated fighting for their lives. They were forced to make very difficult decisions regarding medical care, rent or food and they shouldn’t have to. This really left an impression on me and I wasn’t sure when or how I could help make a difference in their lives but I knew I had to do something. My ah ha moment came in June 2007 when I participated in my first Komen Race for the Cure in Washington DC. This was a big occasion for me and I knew that I wanted to make this an annual tradition. I formed a team of family and friends who supported me through my treatment and we were called ‘3 to Go’ (counting down to Five and Won). The 3 mile walk was in the morning, and I planned a lunchtime party for the team so we could celebrate being together and being proud of the money we raised to help a great cause. I wanted to reinforce the theme of the day with pink ribbon paper plates and napkins. I searched everywhere for them but they couldn’t be found anywhere in the world. I couldn’t believe it, you can find pink ribbon everything, where was the partyware? I remember vividly feeling a calling that I had to bring pink ribbon partyware to the market. I immediately knew that this was how I was suppose to help the heroes who needed financial assistance…I was chosen to do this so that women everywhere could enjoy pink ribbon partyware and at the same time help their BFFs.

Taking this idea from concept to reality was a challenge. I had many ups and downs along the way. At times I wanted to give up and took the many road blocks as signs to do just that, it would be the easy thing to do. Thankfully as one door closed, it seemed as another one would open. Because I persevered, I had many angels come into my life who helped me make Celebrate In Pink a reality. I am very happy and honored to say that I did not give up and that I am the reason the Celebrate In Pink collection of dinner and dessert plates, lunch and beverage napkins, note cards and invitations exist today. They were designed with the sole purpose of helping women and their families through breast cancer. They were and still are my true inspiration and motivation. We donate a portion of every sale to nonprofit organizations whose mission aligns with ours. For our nonprofit clients who buy our collection, we donate our portion of their sale back to their organization. Our goal is to have our own Celebrate In Pink Foundation and become the national voice for women and families fighting breast cancer who need financial assistance.

Celebrate In Pink was founded on the sole premise of helping women. As I look back on the journey it has been one that I have never been on before. Pouring my heart and time into a cause is so much more rewarding than giving it to an entity. I would encourage all entrepreneurs, big or small to include helping others as part of your business practices. There are so many worthy causes who need the awareness and support I am sure there are some that will align with your business mission. Becoming involved in a cause adds a wonderful dimension to the mix. Getting out and meeting some of the faces attached to the causes gives you a renewed inspiration to make revenue targets or goals. They become your motivation and you start to look for new ways of doing business. It’s a win win for everyone and nothing beats the feeling of helping others get what they need.

I can’t help but feel that breast cancer gave me a new lease on life. I wouldn’t have ever known about the heroes who need our help and I am sure I would still be dedicating my life to an entity. I had a wakeup call and it did the trick! Five years ago I would have never guessed I would be doing what I am doing right now and I wouldn’t trade my journey for anything in the world. I invite you to use our beautiful collection for all of your entertaining needs as we help make a difference one party at a time.

Kathy McEvoy
Founder & Survivor
Celebrate in Pink, LLC.

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