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Take Action. Buy Green. EcoBold

Born in Brazil and raised on a small ranch by her mother, Steffany Boldrini and her two sisters were taught the importance of appreciating and respecting the earth in which we all share. On this ranch she learned the daily significance of composting, recycling, and eating healthy. Her family planted and maintained their own fruit trees, as well as raised chickens, horses, a few cows, some dogs, a couple of cats, and even a goat at some point! They conducted their own “pick up trash days” at the local forest near their home and picked up what others had left behind. Steffany and her sisters also did what any child would do living on a ranch, they played in the natural mud, ate fresh eggs that their chickens produced daily, milked their cows for fresh raw milk, chased after their chickens, all while she and her sisters never once got sick. Later Steffany moved to where else but California where she attended college at San Jose State University. Today she resides in Silicon Valley and continues to live by her beliefs by finding unique green products as well as manufacturers in the United States and conducting weekly video reviews to educate the public on safer greener alternative products that are available for our everyday consumption.

Steffany is a strong advocate for green and safe products. The objective she has for is to showcase to the public distinctive green alternatives that are available in contrast to the conventional products that are widely produced. She absolutely believes that the reason so many people today are getting cancer and disorders such as asthma is strictly due to the harmful and artificial chemicals that are the main ingredients in many products and foods that we consume, not to mention the pollutants from the byproducts of the our evolving human existence.

Through her continual research Steffany was able to find many green alternative products and manufacturers that are both great for our consumption and to the environment we live in. She discovered great minded, hard working, and creative green entrepreneurs who are creating products that are much healthier for humans as well as services that yield smaller carbon footprints. From her background and commitment to live by her beliefs Steffany founded, a startup where she conducts weekly video reviews on new and unique green products every Tuesday and interviews with green manufacturers every Friday for the world to appreciate via the Internet. launched in November 2009 and has had over 37,000 video views so far!

However, is more than just a website that conducts podcasts on green products and manufacturers it’s a place where individuals can “Take Action. Buy Green.” At a time where our planet is being depleted at an outrageous rate while the population continues to grow at an exponential rate, Steffany realized that we all needed to make changes, even if we had to start with small steps. During her research she realized that people do want to make a difference, yet people were not aware that these green alternative products and manufacturers existed. Products such as clothing made from recycled water bottles, to recycled greeting cards that plant trees with every purchase, to a decorative bowl made of recycled bicycle chains. This is a mere fraction of the many alternative green products that the public should have readily available knowledge to make their purchasing decisions instead of the conventional artificial ingredient infested products that we are all so familiar with.

Also, by posting interviews with green manufacturers on Steffany wanted to give the manufacturer’s the opportunity to explain more in depth about their industry and product as well as what and why it’s great for our planet. In addition they are given valuable exposure to an exclusive and growing market. Past interviews that stand out are Tesla Motors which included a test drive of their Roadster, a tire recycling plant, and an organic mattress manufacturer, to name a few. Producing these weekly videos requires anywhere from 10-20 hours of research to the final edited version posted online for the public.

As’s motto states, “Take Action. Buy Green” there is yet another way people can join the movement. This Earth Day 2010, announced the One Million Trees Project. When EcoBold reaches one million subscribers to their weekly newsletter, one million trees will be planted throughout 2010 and a few special places around the globe will be selected. Participants will be notified from their email address they subscribed with when the one million mark has been reached and they will be able to select where from the selected destinations they want their personal tree to be planted. In addition all subscribers to the weekly newsletter receive 25% off coupons for green, eco-friendly, and safer products. So please “Take Action, Buy Green” and help spread the word on and subscribe to the newsletter, each subscriber is one tree closer for a million trees to be planted!

Steffany is practically a one person team, as with any start-up she takes upon a lot of roles within her day to day operations. She anticipates funding in the future to accomplish more of what she visions for For now Steffany lives and breathes it’s her way to “Take Action!” For all the entrepreneurs that are striving to make a difference, Steffany says it’s like any other kind of business out there, “its hard work but it’s all worth it since we’re doing it for a good cause. The people you work with are amazing people with the same visions and aspirations as you, so it’s very inspiring to work towards good things.”

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