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Web and Ecommerce 7.15. Wikis

A wiki is a special type of content management system that allows not only you to add content to your site, but allows your users to do so, as well. Perhaps the best known wiki-based site is Wikipedia (, an online encyclopedia totally written by the Web community. In fact, adding and modifying entries is available to anyone in the world who connects to the encyclopedia. Other well-known sites using wiki-like systems include Facebook and MySpace―in fact, most social networking sites use one of the wiki systems listed below or a customized wiki.

There are a number of reasons you may want to install a wiki on your Web site:

  • You may want to install a password-protected wiki as a collaboration site between you and your employees, contractors, or clients. For instance, you may want to post work for client commentary.
  • Another use for a password-protected wiki is as a company Intranet.
  • If your venture involves a content-rich Web site, you may wish to lighten your work load by letting users generate content (you can monitor entries and publish only subject to your approval, if necessary). As the Wikipedia history shows, a wiki is the most efficient way to generate free content very, very rapidly.
  • Wikis allow for rapid development and deployment of social networking sites that allow people to create their own profiles, blogs, and image galleries and link to other profiles. For this, you need a wiki that allows for password-protected user spaces.


WikiMatrix is a Web site solely focused on evaluated Wiki software and evaluating it for Web developers and site owners. The site allows you to find wikis by inputting your business or technical needs, or you can just browse each wiki software package and compare it to others.

7.15.2. MediaWiki

MediaWiki was the software originally written for Wikipedia and many consider it the best of the wiki applications out there. Unlike other wiki software, however, it is optimized to be run on many servers at once; the software is Linux-based. MediaWiki is open-source and free to download and install.

7.15.3. DokuWiki

Primarily designed for developer teams, workgroups, and small businesses. DokuWiki is free and available on on Linux systems running Apache server software with PHP interpreters.

7.15.4. TWiki

TWiki was rimarily designed as a collaboration platform for development teams and Intranets. It is open-source, free, and written in Perl, which means it can be used on any server―Windows, Linux, or Macintosh―that has a Perl interpreter.

7.15.5. bitweaver

bitweaver is designed for both large-scale community sites and small businesses that allow users to use and access tools to create articles, pages, blogs, image galleries, and calendars. It is open-source and free; it can be installed on either Windows or Linux, any server with a PHP interpreter.

7.15.6. Tikiwiki

Tikiwiki is an open-source, free community and collaboration software with the largest number of features of any open-source wiki or collaboration software. TikiWiki can be installed on any server―Windows or Linux or whatever―with a PHP interpreter installed.

7.15.7. MoinMoin

MoinMoin is free software designed for both workgroup and public wiki installations. The software is designed for Windows servers.

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