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Back Office 5.10. Internet Research

You’re probably wondering what, of all things, is Internet research doing here in a chapter about outsourcing your back office. It may seem like the last thing you expect to do in your business. However, because of its size and richness, the Internet offers unprecedented resources for ensuring the success of your business. Here are the nuggets Internet research can uncover:

  • Outsource partners―since it’s the subject of this chapter, finding an outsource partner will involve a fair amount of Internet research; there may be hundreds or thousands of potential partners that will take you days to go through and evaluate.
  • Competitors―one of the most valuable uses of Internet research is scoping out your competition, particularly important if your business is partly or entirely Internet-based.
  • Industry―do you know the full details of the industry you’re entering? Market size? Companies? Products? Keeping on top of your industry and its trends is important even to the trend-setters.
  • Leads―the Internet can be an invaluable source of customer or client leads as well as information about those leads.

5.10.1. Marcos Research

Marcos Research is a professional Internet research service that caters to businesses and individuals limited by time or search skills. Services include:

  • Industry research and statistics
  • Assembled lists of targeted clients or leads
  • Market trends
  • Articles from Web resources
  • Case studies
  • Academic papers
  • Market statistics

5.10.2. Informa Research Services, Inc.

Informa Research Services provides competitive intelligence, market research, and mystery shopping services to medium- and large-sized companies in the financial, telecommunications, business-to-business, industrial, high technology, and consumer goods markets. As a small-business owner, you can purchase market intelligence to inform your entry into a market, but be prepared to pay a high price. Market research industries include:

  • Consumer goods & services
  • Financial
  • Food / beverage firms
  • Healthcare
  • High technology
  • Professional service firms
  • Public organizations
  • Telecommunications
  • Utility / energy industry
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