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Back Office 5.5 Word Processing

Among the myriad of back office tasks you can outsource, word processing is perhaps the easiest. It requires very little from the outsource vendor: a computer, Microsoft Word, and an Internet connection. You can easily find outsource word processing vendors or freelancers by using marketplaces and job boards (see 5.2) or finding an online virtual assistant (see 5.3). There are also companies that specialize in word processing, but they come at a higher price than freelancers.

Your word processing needs can vary greatly, but, in general, you should look for the following when outsourcing word processing:

  • Availability: word processing is rarely something you can wait for, so you are looking for someone you can contact easily and at almost any time.
  • Reliability: you want fast turnaround consistently.
  • Transcription experience: most word processors offer transcription services, i.e., typing from an audio source like a tape, CD, or audio file. Inexperienced word processors sometimes claim they can do transcriptions, but then you find out it takes them forever. In general, experienced transcribers charge between $1 and $3 per minute of audio.
  • Document preparation: your outsource vendor should have experience converting word processed documents efficiently into a number of formats, including desktop publishing formats. They should be able to handle these formats on their computer, i.e., they should have applications such as Acrobat, InDesign, Quark, and so forth.
  • Templates and styles: unless your word processing needs are very modest, you should only hire a service that has expertise in Word templates and styles―the best services, in fact, will prepare custom templates for your business. Once you have templates with a customized, delimited set of style formats attached to it, you can use those templates throughout your business―and distribute them to other word processing companies when you need their help.

5.5.1. Type-Write Word Processing Service

Type-Write is a transcription service that specializes in the legal, medical, scientific, and entertainment industries. They particularly focus on legal transcription, but also provide word processing for meetings, focus groups, seminars, lectures, interviews, taped conversations, and phone conversations.

5.5.2. Compudex

Located in Passaic, New Jersey, Compudex specializes in transcriptions but also provides a number of high-quality word processing services including

  • transcription
  • composing letters
  • resumes
  • desktop publishing
  • charts
  • graphs
  • spreadsheets
  • mail merges
  • mailing labels
  • proposals/bids
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • booklets
  • notary public services also available

5.5.3. Type-Righters

Primarily specializing in transcription, Type-Righters also provides a host of other word processing services.

5.5.4. RJ’s Word Processing Services

Although calling herself a virtual assistant, Rita Cartwright offers mainly word processing services to small businesses. Hourly fees run around $35 per hour for services that include

  • word processing
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • desktop publishing
  • transcription
  • database management
  • email campaigns

5.5.5. A2Z Word Works

Specializing in word processing, Web design, and Word style templates, A2Z offers the following services:

  • word processing
  • transcription
  • electronic forms
  • Word templates
  • reports
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • flowcharts
  • desktop publishing
  • transcription
  • Web page design

5.5.6. KCO, Inc.

Located in Orlando, Florida, KCO provides

  • word processing
  • transcription
  • typesetting
  • typing
  • desktop publishing
  • data processing
  • laser printing
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