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Hardware and Software Internet 3.19. Virtual PBX Software

If you have a computer and an Internet connection―and a giant helping of moxie and skill―you can always convert your PC into a virtual PBX. Why pay a monthly fee?

If you have the know-how, you can purchase PBX server software, set up a PC as a VoiP PBX server, and start rocking. Unlike hosted PBX systems, which allow you to use any phone or fax device you want, running your own virtual PBX will limit you to VoiP phones, such as softphones (software that runs on your computer or PDA and turns it into a phone) or digital phones that you can connect to your computer using wireless or a USB connection. (Or you can convert existing analog, landline phones using an FXO adapter.) You will also need to subscribe to a VoiP service, such as Skype.

Since the PBX is being run off your computer, you’ll need more than just the PBX software. You’ll need software to convert your computer into a phone (softphone), voice recording software, voice mail software, virtual fax software, call conferencing software, and so on and so on (we were serious when we said that running your own virtual PBX requires some serious commitment!)

3.19.1. Axon Virtual PBX Software

Installable on any PC, Axon offers all the features of a full-out, scalable hardware PBX including unlimited extensions, automatic attendant, call transfer, call hold, call record (not a feature of PBX’s, but a separate hardware technology frequently used by call centers to record and monitor calls), voice mail, voice prompting, music or information on-hold, and so on. The system requires VoiP phones, but can also be used with analogue phones that have the right converters installed. All setup is carried out through a Web interface.

And you can’t really beat the price―Axon is totally free. The folks that make the software, NCH Swift Sound, want you to download and use the software so that they can hook you on software products you do have to pay for, such as a software voice mail/call attendant system, call recording software, or call conferencing software―which will run you about $300 more.

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