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Hardware and Software Internet 3.16. Internet Voice Portals (Vonage, Skype, Yahoo VOIP, Google VOIP)

3.16.1. Vonage

Vonage is a leading provider of broadband telephone services with over 2 million subscriber lines. Their award-winning technology enables anyone to make and receive phone calls with a touch tone telephone almost anywhere a broadband Internet connection is available. They offer feature-rich and cost effective communication services that offer users an experience similar to traditional telephone services. Vonage’s service is sold on the web and through national retailers including Best Buy, Circuit City, WalMart and Target and is available to customers in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. Their Residential Premium Unlimited and Small Business Unlimited calling plans offer consumers unlimited local and long distance calling, and popular features like call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail – for one low, flat monthly rate.

3.16.2. Skype

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a series of protocols that allow you to “call” other users on other computers―or call someone on a phone―through the Internet. If you are doing any regular meetings or phone calls with a limited set of distant clients or partners, VoIP is how you reduce your long-distance phone bills to practically nothing.

Skype is a unique service that allows you to call any phone number through your computer. Calling other computers is free, but calling phone numbers costs 2.1 cents per minute. You can get unlimited phone calls in the United States and Canada for $30 per month. Skype is available in only thirty countries, U.S. and Canada inclusive.

Skype requires a fast Internet connection (DSL or cable) and a headset. Even with a fast connection, there may be delays in transmission and reception. Skype is available for Windows only; the current version, 3.1, is not Vista compatible.

3.16.3. Yahoo! VOIP

Free PC-to-PC calls

Call your friends for free with PC-to-PC Calling in Yahoo! Messenger. Just download Yahoo! Messenger, add a friend and click the call button. You can talk for hours for free!

Phone Out

Call landlines and mobile phones for dirt cheap

With great rates on domestic and international calls, you can talk for hours and still save on your phone bill.

Sample Rates**

U.S. - 2¢/min

London – 1¢/min

India – 7.9¢/min

Philippines – 13¢/min

China – 1.5¢/min

Canada – 1¢/min

Phone In

Get a phone number for your computer

Let friends call you on your PC – using their land line or mobile phones. You can pick your area code, so friends still enjoy local rates when calling you wherever you are.

3.16.4. Google VOIP

Google Talk offers:

Flexibility: Get in touch with an IM, email, or a call

Quality: Enjoy fast file transfer and high quality voice calls

Convenience: Reach all your Google Talk contacts, with just a click

Google Talk is in beta and requires a Gmail or Google Account username and password. Google Talk’s voicemail and Gmail notification features are only available if you signed in using your Gmail username and password.

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