Human Resources Management 3.11

3.11.1. MYstaff

If you were a large corporation with big revenues coming in, you’d be installing an enterprise-wide Oracle or PeopleSoft HR software system. But you’re not a mega-corporation, so you’re either going to rough it with a spreadsheet or use a Web-based software solution designed to mimic the functions and capabilities of Oracle or PeopleSoft. The best and most cost-effective solution, MYstaff incorporates all HR needs in one complete package, a Web portal through which employees, managers and administrators can manage all details:

  • Jobs and positions
  • Recruitment processes
  • Performance
  • Payroll and compensation
  • Training and e-learning
  • Time and attendance
  • Occupational health and safety

3.11.2. ADP PayLine Solution

ADP is the world’s leading outsource payroll company (see 4.9.3), but also offers a complete line of outsourced HR services. Interestingly, Asia-Pacific ADP offers an intriguing Web-based software solution for managing your human resources called ADP Payline. And while your business is probably not based in Asia, you can still sign on for the services―all part of the wonders of a globalized world.

ADP PayLine allows you to record information about your employees and run reports from this information. It is essentially a secured employees’ records software that you can access from anywhere. You can record

  • Personal details: address, phone number, mobile phone number, email address, date of birth, age, emergency contact
  • Position details: both current and past positions
  • Qualifications: qualifications can also include training and classes recorded by date completed
  • Licenses & associations: including expiration dates and yearly fees
  • Training/skills history: including training requirements, costs, and number of hours spent in training
  • Company property: what company property has been issued to each individual employee

Occupational safety: history of injuries and accidents.

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