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Hardware and Software 3.0

Running a shoestring venture from a virtual office means that your most substantial investment consists of your computer and the software you run on it, an investment not just measurable in dollars, but in productivity, as well. You can easily save dollars, but if you don’t have the right productivity solution, you lose valuable time and resources. To help you stay focused on your business rather than on computer frustrations, this third chapter covers all the basics of purchasing and equipping the computer core of your shoestring venture. We examine several alternatives: laptop versus desktop, various operating systems, and various productivity software solutions. Besides the market leaders in software, we also present you with numerous inexpensive or free proprietary, open source, or Web-based software solutions. Since you are, after all, starting a shoestring venture, there are free alternatives to expensive productivity software.

3.1. Desktop versus Laptop

Your virtual office starts with a computer.

Simple enough, right?

Well, before you move on, you need to decide if your virtual office will be a desktop or a laptop computer . . . or both. The answer is partly based on how itinerant you want your virtual office to be. Will it travel around with you a lot, or do you plan to keep it in one place, or a combination of the two?

Your choice will have everything to do with what your business and lifestyle dictate. If you plan to do heavy graphics or video work, a laptop is right out. If, on the other hand, you have an itinerant business or lifestyle, you absolutely require a laptop.


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