FINANCE, TAXES, AND BANKING 2.8. Online Bill Payment Services

2.8.1. MSN Bill Pay

MSN Bill Pay lets you pay your bills online through MSN Money. You can pay virtually anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit even if you do not actually receive bills from the company or person you want to pay.

Primarily designed for individuals rather than businesses, you can still pay bills from their Payment Center. This interface gives you a summary of your pending payments and the payments you’ve made in the past forty-five days. You can also receive some, but not all, of your bills online through MSN Bill Pay. The service also allows you to set up automatic payments to pay your electronic bills or to automatically schedule payments of a set amount at regular intervals.

On the downside, MSN Bill Pay only keeps a six month record of the bills you’ve paid through the service. However, you can export your payment information to Quicken®.

2.8.2. Billeo

Billeo is a bill consolidation and online payment service primarily for consumers. By providing direct access to biller Web sites, Billeo enables consumers to view and pay online bills directly. They can provide billing for over 4,500 billers. So it’s really an online bill paying consolidation site rather than an intermediary, like the other bill-paying services discussed here.

The Billeo Online Bill Manager helps you to:

  • find online billers from a directory of over 4,500 web sites
  • pay bills at the last minute
  • earn points by paying bills with a credit card
  • remember when to pay by setting up e-mail and toolbar reminders
  • keep a record of all your bill payments.

2.8.3. MyCheckFree

CheckFree partners with hundreds of companies to offer individuals and businesses a free bill-paying service. If you request it, companies who send you bills will provide CheckFree with your bill information. After you sign up, you’ll select the companies whose bills you want to receive and view online. CheckFree works directly with those companies to make sure your bills are ready to view and pay through their secure site. And why is it free? Because the fees are paid by the companies whose bills you’re paying.

Payment reconciliation begins immediately after you click to pay a bill (that’s why companies are willing to pay to have you use the service). Every payment comes with a 100% guarantee that it will go to where you send it. The service does not require an account with CheckFree.

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