FINANCE, TAXES, AND BANKING 2.5. General Financial, Business, & Economic Information

There are a number of all-purpose financial and economic news sites that provide vitally important global updates on the business, financial, and economic world that your small business moves in. These sites provide news that concern, on the one hand, global economy and global corporations and, on the other hand, personal investments and finance; small business and start-ups that fall somewhere between big corporations and personal investments are largely ignored. However, by owning a business, you are, like it or not, moving in the world of major corporations and economic developments. To be competitive and maximize your business acumen, you should be digesting the financial and economic news these sites offer.

2.5.1. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is the leading global provider of data, news, and analytics and its site is one of the most heavily-trafficked business news services on the Web. The BLOOMBERG TERMINAL and Bloomberg’s media services, both of which cost heavily, provide real-time and archived financial and market data, pricing, trading, news, and communications tools in a single, integrated package to corporations, news organizations, financial and legal professionals and individuals around the world. While geared to investors in large companies and funds, Bloomberg provides vital information about the financial and economic world your business moves in.

2.5.2. CNN Money

CNN/ reports on jobs and the economy, national and international financial markets and stocks, business news, mutual funds, real estate, technology, autos, and travel. This news site largely focuses on major corporate and economic news on the one hand and personal finances and investments on the other: it is not specifically oriented to start-ups or small businesses. The site’s personal finance section, “Millionaire in the Making,” profiles investing and savings strategies of individual people like you. “Money101” offers an interactive course so individuals can learn the best ways to manage their personal finances and investments.

2.5.3. Business Week

BusinessWeek offers business, finance, and economic news across a wide swathe of topics including investing, technology, innovation, careers, business schools, and―this may interest you―small business ( SmallBiz is a separate magazine that BusinessWeek publishes and it has a rich Web site that at least one of the authors of this book visits every day. If you want inspiration, ideas, or just seek to master all aspects of your business, this site should sit at the top of your bookmarks.

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  1. Jenny Clifer says:

    Hello, nice blog thanks to share.The banking system was not saved; The massive injection of liquidity temporarily salved the day-to-day operations of banks, but they did not repair what ailed our financial institutions.pls share more post.cheers!!!!!!


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