Startup 1.9. Law, Reference, and Small Business

Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible (1st Edition)
  • FindLaw.com – We discussed very early in this chapter (1.2.1). It should be one of your top three bookmarks in your browser. FindLaw is the highest-trafficked legal Web site concerning law and small business; the site provides a comprehensive set of legal resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. These resources include Web search utilities, cases and codes, legal news, forms, articles, links to government entities, and community-oriented tools, such as a secure document management utility, e-mail newsletters, and message boards.
  • LawGuru.Com – The Web Site is owned and operated by WebSiteBroker, Inc., which also runs (7.6.3). was originally started in 1996 by a Los Angeles law firm and has evolved into a highly popular online legal resource with articles, resources, and even free legal advice.
  • U.S. Business Advisor – Launched in 2004, initially focused on starting, growing, and financing small businesses, similar to the resources in 1.1. The site changed emphasis and now focuses exclusively on helping small business owners comply with Federal regulations, a focus that makes the site the only one of its kind.You will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to comply with laws and a lot of the rest of your time worrying about the laws you don’t know. Here’s a number that will send you over backwards: according to the Office of Management and Budget, in fiscal year 2003 businesses and citizens spent 8.2 billion hours and $320 billion just filling out legally-mandated paperwork and complying with government regulations. I doubt you’ve gone into business to enjoy the pleasure of doing all the shovelwork the government wants you to do, so will keep you informed so that you can comply with regulations and laws a lot more easily and cheaply.
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