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Create a free 23 part psychological profile of any public Twitter account

TweetPsych - creates a profile of any public twitter account
TweetPsych creates a profile of any public twitter account.

Ever wonder how your social networking “psychological profile” compares to that of other public twitter accounts? Now there is a site that does precisely at the low, low cost of free.

TweetPsych lists creates a psychological profile of any public Twitter account and compares it to the thousands it already has in its database. The profile identifies those “psychological” traits that are used more or less frequently by the user analyzed.

Just mosey on over to TweetPsych and place any user’s name with a public Twitter account — your own, for instance — and the site will spit out a psychological analysis in a couple seconds. The creator of the site is Dan Zarrella, the author of “The Social Media Marketing Book.”

So what does the site analyze?

1. Learning – Tweets about school and self-teaching activities.
2. Work : Tweets about occupations and careers. This indicates thinking about one’s job.
3. Money : References to income and money in general.
4. Control : Tweets that reference rules, restraints, and moral imperatives which indicate a desire to impose order.
5. Thinking : This category includes abstract thought and cognitive mechanics and may indicate an high level of thought processes (of course, there’s only so much abstract thought and cognitive mechanics you can do in 170 characters).
6. Numbers : A mania for numbers and statistics could indicate highly analytical and quantitative thinking.
7. Media : References to celebrities and mass media which may indicate an interest in celebrity culture (now this is the Twitter I know!).
8. Time : Any references to time in general, including the past, present and future.
9. Future : Tweets that reference the future may indicate an interest in events yet to occur.
10. Leisure : This category includes any twittering about activities other than work and may indicate a desire to engage in relaxing and entertaining behaviors.
11. Conceptual : This category includes higher-level abstract thought. Logical reasoning and philosophy are examples of conceptual content.
12. Present : This category includes references to present time and currently occurring events.
13. Constructive : Tweets are constructive when they focus on creating and building things, thus indicating an interest in development and creative processes.
14. Social : This category includes inclusive Tweets, social behavior and speaking directly to the listener.
15. Past : Any focus or preoccupation with past events.
16. Negative : Tweets describing negative emotions, negative feelings, and morbid thoughts.
17. Emotions : “Emotions” include the entire range of positive and negative emotions and may indicate a generally emotive perspective.
18. Primordial : “Primordial” references describe lower level dream-state and unconscious modes of thought. Some researchers refer to this as “reptilian” thought. (Basically, tweets that make no sense.)
19. Anxiety : Words and phrases expressing uncertainty, nervousness and apprehension, indicating stress and fear.
20. Positive : References to positive feelings, thoughts, emotions and agreeability.
21. Senses : Sights, sounds, smells, tastes and tactile feelings.
22. Self Reference : Tweeting about onself or one’s activities (isn’t this what tweeting is all about — “Just had pototoes and meatloaf for dinner.”). Overdoing it, however, tells a lot about a person’s psychology.
23. Sex: Sexual references indicating a preoccupation with sex.

Just in case you wanted more information about us than you ever wanted, here is Shoestring Venture’s Twitter account report. We are, of course, going to have to work at that -85 sex score.

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