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Shoestring Venture Kindle Version Now 99¢

Shoestring Venture kindle edition

We’re offering the Kindle edition for a buck!

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Declaring the 2010’s to be the “decade of the entrepreneur,” Shoestring Publishing is offering its flagship book, Shoestring Venture: The Startup Guide, for 99¢ on Amazon’s Kindle for a limited time to celebrate the first days of the new decade.

“The book has sold phenomenally well in both paperback and Kindle.” co-author Steve Monas asserts. “The Kindle version has sold spectacularly well . . . we are ranked number one in sales in the Web Marketing, E-commerce, and Production and Operations categories. However, we wrote Shoestring Venture to provide entrepreneurs the tools and resources to make better decisions, so what better way to celebrate the decade of the entrepreneur by giving it away.”

People interested in the Kindle promotion are encouraged to visit and select the special Kindle promotion when navigating to the book’s Kindle product page. The book is being sold at the regular price of $7.99, but they can select the special 99¢ promotion.

About Shoestring Venture

Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible is a complete, up-to-date reference on all the major issues start-up and home-based business entrepreneurs face. Its focus on outsourcing sets the book apart from the common run of how-to business books. Shoestring Venture gives entrepreneurs and small business owners the tools they need to start a new business or take their current business several levels higher by exploiting the resources our interconnected world offers. The book is available online at Amazon and Barns & Noble, as well as select retailers.

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