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Shoestring Venture for 2010

Happy Holiday snowglobe

We wish you the greatest success and happiness for 2010.

Depending on how mathphilic or mathphobic you are, we have either entered the last decade of the naughties or the first decade of the twenty-teens. Either way, it seems we all have big plans to close out the decade (or start the new one) with a big bang. We at Shoestring Venture are making some pretty serious big bang plans, too. Some mighty changes are brewing for the next few months, including a totally radical, simply fabulous facelift for our site, a brand-new spanking second edition of The Startup Bible (with some 150 additional pages in a much bigger format), and quite a few new books in our Shoestring Venture series, including a must-have complete guide and reference to building and using a business Web site (called, naturally, Shoestring Venture: The Website Bible).

We also have big changes happening for the Shoestring Venture blog. We’ll be focusing more on practical tips for small businesses and bootstrap entrepreneurs, book and software reviews, and, in a brand new feature, entrepreneur profiles in feature articles followed by multi-part interviews. Some new writers will be joining our blog, bringing their skills and insights into such raucous esoterica like search engine marketing, e-commerce, direct mail, finance, business funding, and other party animal favorites for the entrepreneur crowd.

We are also putting the finishing touches on the Shoestring Venture studio in order to produce the best darn video blogs in the business, covering such practical topics as spreadsheet formulas to setting up your accounting books. All for the low, low price of free, provided you’re hanging out here.

What we won’t lose, of course, is our attitude and sense of humor. So while we’re going a bit more lightly on the opinion pieces and esoterica, we will still maintain a few of our eccentric delights in the more foolish aspects of the business world. As I always say, “If you don’t have a sense of humor about these things, they’re not funny.”

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