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Ezra Furman and the Harpoons new album

Buy this album and they’ll include a song written just for you.

Ezra Furman, leader of the band Harpoons, is offering to “personalize” each and every copy they sell of their third album, Moon Face: Bootlegs and Road Recordings 2006-2009. And I don’t mean that Ezra and his folk-rock meistersingers will sign each CD with some drivel (“Hang in their, Dick! Ezra and the guys!”), I mean they will write, sing, and record a unique, only-on-your-CD song devoted to you. I don’t mean they will write one song and insert your name in it (like those mini-license plates you can buy at truck stops), I mean, Ezra Furman will write a whole new song just for you.

Since the album became available, he’s sold 100 personalized CDs from his site,, but he’s only cranked out 50 personalized songs so far. It’s a pretty tough row to hoe, but in an industry that’s bleeding money from major arteries, my hat goes off to someone who’s willing to pay what he can afford — sweat equity — to get an audience.

Money quote:

“When people order this, most of them write a little message about who they are, or who it’s for, or what they want it to be,” he says. “They pour out their hearts and life stories in these messages. They tell me about this girl they fell in love in with and they’re trying to win her back, and they want some advice. Some people are asking me to write a wedding song. There is a whole category of people having a baby, and they want a song commemorating the birth of their child. It’s heavy, and also light and kind of delightful.”

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