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The Roundup August 1 & 2 Another week of losers

Can the Amazon Kindle greed machine take on Apple with it’s tablet-iTunes machine-color ebook reader as well as Barnes & Noble and Sony? Here’s the rare situation — like Blu-Ray vs. HD — where the content providers will decide.

About to lose the health care reform game because of the dizzingly bad idea of spending a month talking to voters when the opposition plans to riot rather than talk. Whether you’re for or against any or all reform of the health care system, this one will be dead by September.

Gas guzzlers
Guess you’re going to have to hold on to that Gran Torino a little longer as the Obama Administration threatens to put the “clunkers” rebate on hold. Proving once again that government spending can actually help the economy, cash-for-clunkers worked so well that, well, the government ran out of money.

Goldman Sachs
Despite the fact that they’re having a legendarily successful recession, people just don’t like the “great vampire squid.” As any MBA can tell you, though, it’s better to be rich than loved.

Up against a much bigger Microsoft search competitor. Meanwhile, Microsoft will not be shipping a browser-free Windows 7 to Europe, leaving less chance that some chucklehead on mescaline will actually download and install Chrome.

Exploding airbags which unleash a volley of lethal shrapnel turned out to be a not-so-good idea — at least as far as safety is concerned — requiring the automaker to recall nearly half a million vehicles.

Private equity
We’ve seen this one coming for a few months, but now we know that private equity companies are floating on a sea of $400 billion in bank debt. No, scratch that. They are floating under — way under — a sea of $400 billion in bank debt.

Is gay, according to Kid Rock. Sample Kid Rock tweet “Twitter this [censored], you mother[censored]er!” The celebrity backlash against tweeting about laundry and exercise bikes begins.

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