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Kindle now open to all bloggers

Ever since its release, the Kindle has allowed users to download blog feeds. Admittedly, the service has always had the glaring fault of charging users for something they can get for free just by firing up a browser or downloading a fee, but anyone who pays almost 400 bucks for a Kindle probably isn’t a price-senstive sort of consumer. Because users pay for blog downloads, Amazon decided that the only blogs worth making available were the mega-huge ones, like Huffington Post and Politico. Well, today, Amazon opened up the Kindle to anyone with a blog in their Kindle Publishing for Blogs Beta. And that’s great news for any entrepreneur or small business that relies on blogging as a strategic part of their communications strategy.

This is a business relationship you’re setting up with Amazon. You make your feed available to Kindle. They format it for the Kindle and make it available for subscription. They charge for each subscription and you, as the content provider, get 30% of the subscription price. Now, if you’re selling ads on your blog, you’ll do better to have people come to your Web site. But if your blog is building business, then that 30% share is a (tiny) bit of icing on the cake.

Of course, you’re going to have to supply them with a tax ID number (company or social) because they have to report your meager earnings to the IRS.

You have no control over the price of your blog on Kindle. Free, of course, is right out. But Kindle currently charges about two bucks for the big folks like

Don’t, however, expect to make money off of this new service. The Kindle is more media air right now than a widely-used consumer electronics toy. People talk about Kindle but most of us don’t have one. And those that do . . . well, they can still get your blog for free.

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