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The Biz Roundup April 2

The G20 meeting actually accomplishes something.

World leaders on Thursday heralded the G20 summit as the day the world “fought back against the recession” as they put on a show of unity that lifted global markets and mapped out a new future for financial regulation. . . .

Gordon Brown, host of the summit, said the meeting marked the emergence of a “new world order”, as he unveiled what leaders claimed was a $1,100bn package of measures to tackle the global downturn, including support for lower income countries and a $250bn plan to boost the international money supply. . . .

In a new development, the G20 agreed to let the IMF create $250bn of Special Drawing Rights, its own currency comprising dollars, euros, yen and sterling, boosting the foreign exchange reserves of every country. Most of this cash will go to the big advanced economies, but poorer countries facing budgetary strains will gain new cash without normal IMF conditions.

(“G20 leaders claim summit success,” Financial Times, April 2) Okay, I could spend the next thirty paragraphs analyzing the amazing (and not-so-amazing) progress at the G20 summit, but check out this official photo:

G20 participants

I, personally, have never seen a photograph like this in my entire life. I don’t know why — and I know this is totally irrational — but this photo makes me feel ten times better about the results of the summit than the official document which I’ve spent the better part of a day reading. That’s Obama, Silvio Berlusconi, and Dmitri Medvedev doing the Animal House routine. On the right, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is looking like he fell into the wrong beer line. Meanwhile, Prince Naif, Hu Jintao, and Gordon Brown (front) are pretending not to notice (look at Prince Naif with the “kids nowadays” look). Only Kgalema Mothlanthe seems to be in the spirit. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but a little bit of rowdy at the most important, far-reaching, and productive economic summit of our time tells me everything is going to be okay.

Let the apps race begin!

On Wednesday, BlackBerry opened its Mobile App World, a new mobile storefront for BlackBerry programs that will compete head to head with the App Store. The move follows Google, which began its Android Market four months ago and started selling applications in February.

In May, Nokia throws open the doors to its Ovi Store while Palm will begin selling apps with the release of the Palm Pre, which is scheduled to hit the market sometime in the first half of this year. And Microsoft plans to start Marketplace for Mobile with apps for Windows phones sometime later this year.

(“IPhone competitors ready application offerings,” San Francisco Chronicle, April 2) I don’t care who wins the mobile smart phone wars (personally, I would never buy a phone — like the iPhone — where I can’t change out the battery), but if ever the winds of opportunity were blowing, my friends, there’s a mighty big blow out there now. If you have one entrepreneurial bone in your body and you’re not following this news . . .

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