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The 25 most valuable blogs

The Shoestring Venture series of books has a book on blogging currently being authored, so we follow the blogging biz (and the biz of blogging) very carefully. You may not know this, but 24/7 Wall Street annually calculates the “value” of the top Web blogs. Now, this is, after all, an educated guess since all the top blogs are privately owned and publicly owned companies with blogs don’t break out the revenues from their blogs. So Douglas McIntyre “guesses” by using third-party information about unique site visits and page views, estimates the number of ad clicks per 1,000 ad impressions and, well, you don’t want me to go into all the other guesses that make up the final “value” of the blog. Suffice it to say, that when ArsTechnica and PaidContent were sold this year, they came very close to the valuations 24/7 assigned to them earlier in the year.

For anyone considering starting a blog to market their business or startup (or are thinking of a blog as a business or start-up), you should eagerly gobble up this list — these blogs represent the best practices that you yourself should be adopting.

And here, without further adieu, are, according to Mr. McIntyre, the top 25 blogs of 2008 and their estimated value:

Gawker Properties — $170 million.
Huffington Post — $90 million.
The Drudge Report — $48 million.
Perez Hilton — $32 million.
Sugar, Inc — $27 million.
TechCrunch — $25 million.
MacRumors — $21 million.
SeekingAlpha — $11 million.
GigaOm — $9.5 million.
Politico — $8.7 million.
SmashingMagazine — $7.7 million.
SearchEngineLand — $4.5 million.
Boing Boing — $3.6 million.
ReadWriteWeb — $3.4 million.
SB Nation — $2.7 million.
Destructoid — $2.5 million.
Mashable — $2.5 million.
Alley Insider sites — $2.25 million.
/film — $2.1 million.
The Superficial Network — $2 million
Neatorama — $1.5 million.
Daily Kos — $2 million.
Talking Points Memo — $1.2 million.
VentureBeat — $1 million. — $1 million.

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