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Putting the “free” into freelancer accounting software

Readers of Shoestring Venture: The Start-Up Bible know that it is chock-a-block with free and near-free business software pointers for entrepreneurs on even the tightest shoestring budget. One of the reasons we keep this blog is to keep that list of resources as current as possible (and, of course, we’re actively revising the book for the release of the second edition sometime mid-year).

In that spirit — you heard it hear first — Outright Software has just launched free accounting and financial software designed exclusively for freelancers, the self-employed, and at-home virtual contractors — small businesses, that is, that have no other employees except the business owner (there are about 20 million one-person businesses in the U.S.). The Web-based software is as simple as it possibly can be, with bare-bones features:

  • Record income and expenses
  • Calculate profit and loss
  • Calculate social security taxes

    We have not given the system a trial run here at Shoestring Venture, so our review will have to wait until the second edition of the book (if — and that is a big if — the software passes muster). Until then, solopreneurs, freelancers, and stay-at-home virtual contractors need to take this pint-sized accounting package for a trial spin. There’s not a whole lot of financial risk entailed in “free,” after all.

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