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Broke is the new black

Tomorrow’s Los Angeles Times (yeah, tomorrow’s, not today’s — how can papers stay in business if they are not only offering their papers for free on the Internet, but offering tomorrow’s paper for free) has an excellent piece on the tech startup conference, South by Southwest. The title of this blog comes from a quote from Bryan Mason who, like we here at Shoestring Venture, think that this is the time to get your venture up and running. Money quote:

“We did a little consulting to put some cash in the bank, and now we pay ourselves a sustenance wage of 25% of our old salaries,” Mason said. “We opened an office in the Mission [neighborhood of San Francisco] where we can walk to work, there are cheap burritos all around and you can get $2 beers, and everyone around us is boot-strapped.”

I’m telling you, what I like best about consulting with start-ups is this can-do attitude that pinches pennies and is constantly focused on creating value for the consumer. We’ve got some great days ahead of us, folks. Some great days.

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