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Beer jello

Just in case you’ve been racking your brain for so-out-there-there-is-no-there-there product ideas, our seriously dumb department gives you beer jello (called “jelly” ゼリー in Japanese) from Yebisu.

Yebisu beer jello

Pack these in your kids’ lunches and let the hilarity begin! Hey, in Minnesota we used to cook all sorts of fun and frolicky things in our jello, like cabbage and onions and carrots (and we actually thought this was normal). Imagine what you can put in beer jello! Peanuts, cocktail wienies, cigarette filters!

But seriously, I would have given my right arm to have been at the first focus group introduced to this product. Really.

So, just in case you thought there was nothing new for you to do, let this be an inspiration. Get your product idea gearset into high gear — vodka jello, campari jello, margarita jello, pruno jello! The possibilities are unlimited for intrepid entrepreneurs.

Naturally, this is my vote for the next episode of Steve, Don’t Eat It!

Actually, margarita jello sounds pretty good. Excuse me while I go whip up tonight’s dessert.

*Somebody wrote in and said they don’t believe me — there it is written on the bottom of the handy jello pack right above the UPC bar code — Yebisu (エビス) beer (ビール) jelly (ゼリー), which means “jello” in English. So there, smarty-pants.

**And for all you Al Trout groupies out there, yeah, yubetcha, this is exhibit A in “don’t dilute your brand.” Or your beer.

***Hmmm, as one person emailed, I agree, the Yebisu’s Web page is pretty uninspired. How about this for a tagline, “A day without beer jello is like a day without, ummm, beer. Yeah, that’s it. Or without jello. Or both.”

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