Mighty opinion links February 10

On a day of titanic economic news from every front, I offer up first for your delectation and delight, Pink Panties Day.

Trashing the centrists, part deux. And, in the right corner, Jonah Goldberg comes out swinging by invoking the ever-handy “p” word, as in, centrists don’t have any. Funny, Ross Douthat from this right corner says exactly the same thing.

And not: David Brooks gets it right, as he so often does, when he points out that this new group of moderates may be precisely the group that changes “politics as usual” in Washington.

For a different sport, let’s pile on Timothy Geithner! Paul Krugman makes a joke about an offer he can’t understand. Floyd Norris points out the obvious, that there’s no doughnut to go along with the doughnut hole. Yves Smith needs only one word. Like Smith, James Pethokoukis sees no plan to price those toxic assets at the heart of the matter. Noah Millman does a Clara Peller. (In case you’re too young for that reference, wikipedia it like the rest of us helots.)

And one exception. Douglas Elliott at the Brookings Institution keeps his head on his shoulder where, of course, it’s much easier to use (if you read anything about Geithner’s plan, read this).

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