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Bill Gates sharing his fortune . . .

Just forward this blog and Bill Gates will pay you $240!


Today I received two forwards of this “viral” email from former clients, both excellent businessmen. You’ve probably got one, too. Or you’re about to. It says that Microsoft and AOL have merged and they’re tracking a new email system. Forward the email, and Microsoft will pay you $240 for every person you forward it to. For every person that forwards the email you forwarded, you get another $240.

Please, folks, think for a second. What kind of idiot would pay you thousands of dollars to forward an email when they can get you to do it for free just by promising you money? You know, kind of like this email?

I first got this email back in 1999. I got another three or four copies in 2001. Again in 2002. In 2004, I received three copies that match the current one virtually word for word. The same email came a’calling in 2006. And now, 2009, it comes knocking at my door. Twice in one day.

In a previous post, I discussed how every email you send reflects on your business. Every email you send is also a marketing piece, an ad, a positioning statement. Would you seriously purchase an ad in a newspaper that had as a headline, “Tell me something impossibly stupid. I’ll believe you!” So why send an email that says the same thing?

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “the only thing people learn from history is that people never learn from history.” Amen, brother Friedrich, amen.

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