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How successful creative people organize their days

George Shackle, in his book, Epistemics and Economics, states that the primary work of entrepreneurs is creative. They’re not so much managers, traders, or money counters, as they are people who work with their minds to envision possibilities. Possibilities that no-one else has imagined, like a painter or novelist.

Having spent years among entrepreneurs and, before that, years among highly creative people such as poets, novelists, artists, and composers, I can tell you that’s absolutely spot on. With, of course, the significant caveat that entrepreneurs, unlike poets, novelists, artists, and composers, usually have to learn management and other mundane tasks to stay in business.

A new blog, Daily Routines, documents from sources far and wide the disciplines and routines that have made successful creative people, well, successful. Think of it as The Seven Hundred Thousand Habits of Successful People.”

And not a day planner or Google Calendar in sight.

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