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Let the blog reviews start!

Louise Crowley, a freelance author in the UK, posts the first blog review of Shoestring Venture in her blog, The Freelance Writer Journal. Okay, I admit, I’m very new at a good chunk of this publishing, blogging, and reviewing stuff but . . . wow! I can’t tell you what it feels like to publish a book and read the first time an actual reader sits down and talks about the book in their own way on their own blog.

Now I usually hate reading business start up books, both those that tell you how someone else did it and those that profess to be how to books. They bore me and are generally useless because they are written by self indulgent and arrogant businessmn that have no clue how to speak to someone like me! However, I was plesantly surprised to find that this book was different. It is actually a well laid out manual so it acts as a practical guide. I’m ashamed to say that I would not have bought this myself had I not been given it as a gift, but now I would not be without it and would highly recommend it to everyone else looking to make a go of their own business, whether that business is writing or not.

Of course, the “I wouldn’t have bought this book” if it hadn’t been a gift gives me a little case of the jitters. You know, like the New Yorker cartoon where a couple are sitting all by themselves in a cavernously empty restaurant, and the man says to the woman, “This restaurant is the best-kept secret in Manhattan.”

I’ll tell you what I really like about Louise’s review after the break.

I really am on the same page with Louise about other start-up business books, especially when she describes the authors as self-indulgent and arrogant (“Wow,” I said to myself reading her review, “I wish I said that!”).

This is a bone I’ve been gnawing at for eight years, ever since I first read Seth Godin’s first in a long line of onanistic books and subsequently lost a window (as in, “broke-it-while-throwing-the-book-out-of-it”). There’s a real market for “cheerleading” business books that promise you millions from permission marketing or simply “attracting” success. These books are like exercise, diet, and self-improvement books; they primarily sell “attitude.” And “attitude” is always arrogant and always self-indulgent.

Don’t get me wrong. I snarf these books up by the boatload and some, like Malcom Gladwell’s books, really qualify as must-reads. It’s just that in Shoestring Venture we tried to write a book that was about real advice about real problems, many of which entrepreneurs don’t even see coming, that, like it or not, you’re going to face in a small business, solopreneurship, or start-up.

In business, like self-improvement or fitness, between “here” and “there,” there’s a whole lot of daily grind.

Finally, Louise, as a blogger, makes the following suggestion:

You will need other resources for certain areas. Take blogging for example. There is very little on it in the book but then there is enough about that on the Internet

Actually, Shoestring Venture: The Blogging Bible is in production and slated for an April release!

Louise Crowley: Thanks a million. Words can’t describe our gratitude for your review.

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