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There is no charge for awesomeness . . .

With still a few days left before our official book launch, Shoestring Venture has managed quite a few Kindle downloads and a couple kindly Kindlerians have typed out some well-appreciated and awesome reviews. Right now, we’re counting down the hours to 2009 and as this annus horribilis grows ever shorter, it’s nice to read how entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, and small business owners are getting good mileage out of this book. It makes me more hopeful that next year’s bad news might be salted with just a little more good news from a few entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

Someone hanging by the name of “kd” really hit the nail on the head and went straight to one of the guiding principles of the book:

The book touches on those topics that you always have questions on yet somehow can never find the answers that you are looking for, or at least that is the way it was for me.

We never actually put it that clearly in the book (I wish we had), but all during the research, interviewing, surveying, and writing phases of the book, that’s how we kept formulating to ourselves the value of the project to our audience.

William Butler Yeats once facetiously said that he loved reading critics because he got to find out that the poetry he wrote had all sorts of meanings he never intended. What I find simply bodacious about all our Amazon reviewers is that there are no surprises like this (well, we’re not W.B. Yeats). The reviewers are really finding the value in the book that we deliberately put there, like Darlene Jan Alice Oakley from Ottawa:

This is an invaluable resource that has opened my eyes to all the resources available. Hooker and Monas have also established a website where all the links they mention in the book are listed and accessible by a click of the mouse . . .

In an early conversation with our publicist, she gushed about discovering virtual PBX (GotVMail). We listened, nodding at each other, and after she was done, said, “Yeah, we know. It’s in the book.” That kind of, “Wow! I didn’t know that was an option!” is the logic behind all the businesses, services, and Web resources that we stock the book with. It’s not enought just to explain how to purchase and use virtual PBX services, it helps to know which ones are the best for solopreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses.

And registration access to the resources on the site is in one of the prefaces.

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