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The good reviews keep coming . . .

Okay, okay, I like the Shoestring Venture book because, well, I wrote it. And the thing about books is this: like babies, they’re always born beautiful. At least to those who are most responsible. But even though the official launch date is a few days away, Shoestring Venture has been for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for about four weeks now and, to my surprise, keeps generating reviews. Good reviews. And long reviews (what’s up with that?). And, no, I really don’t know any of these people. I have cajoled and cried, begged and becharmed my wife, my relatives, and friends to read the book and post a few reviews, but to no effect.

Here’s some of the nice things they’re saying. Listen up to what Leisa Wilson in Boise, Idaho wrote:

This is the best book I have a read about starting a new business venture. If you don’t buy any other business book, buy this one.

Okay, okay, I admit it, I cherry-picked that sentence out of a longer review, but do you blame me?

This from Philip Robinson:

I’m an entrepreneur myself, and I actually run a few businesses right now on a shoestring budget. I originally thought I wouldn’t get a lot out of this manual, especially considering the price of it–but after having read this, I really wish I had something like it back when I was starting out–I would’ve avoided a LOT of COSTLY mistakes had I read this book FIRST!! And even though I’m not `brand new’ to the process, and had to learn a lot of things in this book the hard way, I still found tremendous value.

That’s the goal of the book — we state it straight out in the introduction — to help save new businesses some of the hard knocks they learn in the business school of hard knocks.

Here’s what I really like about these reviews. Yeah, yeah, besides the gushing. All of the reviewers so far really get it, really understand the purpose of the book. And there’s almost nothing like it out there on the market. When you open your business’ door, you’re walking straight into a firehose of a million details, distractions, decisions, fees, f**-ups, hoops, and hurdles. Some are important, like accounting controls or marketing strategy, and some just seemed designed to drain your life force away and transfer it to some alien life-form, like your PBX, project management system, or niggling, wriggling details about your Web hosting. And, believe me, every day you’re reminded why some of the decisions you made were bad when things you never realized even existed suddenly go wrong on you, like your email or your search engine results.

That’s what this book is about. It’s not a book about meatball sundaes or purple cows, a “yes we can” let’s-go-out-and-make-a-million type of book that grow older and moulder on your bookshelf. The book (and the series we’re building from it) just give you what you need to know every day your business is up and running. Because only people who write books about meatball sundaes and purple cows have the leisure time to think about meatball sundaes and purple cows. The rest of us are struggling with our phones, our books, our taxes, our favicons, those damnable search engine results, and a million other things our business throws at us every day.

There are two kinds of business books: beach books and office books. Beach books make good beach reading and, at best, may inspire you to think creatively about some aspect of your business. At worst, they just make your wallet lighter. Office books you keep in your office because, well, you need them. We tried in our own modest way to make the most useful business “office” book we could for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

You need to let us know if we succeeded.

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