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Joe the Plumber is an acolyte of the Austrian School . . .

In today’s seriously dumb category, my just-arrived American Spectator has book recommendations from the “most distinguished readers and writers,” a truly rarefied group which, apparently, includes Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, the 15-minute-famed, tax-dodging, Joe The (unlicensed) Plumber. Among predictable bathroom reading choices that plumb the lost lore of toilet history (“Flushed with Delight: The Story of Thomas Crapper”), there’s this little number:

The Theory of Money and Credit (Ludwig von Mises): “It brought monetary theory into the mainstream of economic analysis. It is important reading for these troubled times.”

Okay, okay, forget all the high-falutin’ analysis of “what the hell does the Joe the Plumber brand mean if it includes reading Austrian School math-heavy, so-good-for-you-you-wish-you-were-dead macroeconomic doorstops” knee-jerk reactions from the hard-hearted elites in the room. Forget the sneaking suspicion that some pimply-faced never-had-a-date Yalie intern with three incompletes made this whole list up just to put some book other than Twilight under The Plumber’s distinguished sobriquet. No, forget all that.

You feel it nagging at the back of your head, the right word, the bon mot, the perfect put-down, the one second of sarcasm that the English language is so full of, but you just can’t wrap your breath around it. Forget it. English just doesn’t have that word. Try obaka kyara or obaka aidoru or yuru-kyara from The 60 Most Popular Japanese Phrases from 2008. There you go. The word you were looking for.

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