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A smattering of reviews

The Shoestring Venture book has been on Amazon a few days and is really piling up some good reviews (and, no, they’re not family and friends — I haven’t heard of any of these people!). Lots of these folks have written emails to us, but everyone on Amazon keeps giving the book five stars. Here’s the kind of things folks are saying about the book:

This is a must have book for those who want to create an internet business. There is a steep learning curve and this book provides the steps to climb that curve. It is highly recommended for novices and experts alike as a handy reference book for doing business on the internet.

Elizabeth also wrote us an email mainly to tell us the stuff not working on our blog, but she also said this:

I have posted a reveiw on Amazon . . . This is a great reference book for novice and experts alike.

More reviews after the break . . .

Some guy named Honestly Put (apt, very apt) says this:

I think this book is great. Right now, in this economy, people can use all the information they can get on making their own wealth and I think this book is an excellent resource.

Loretta Ghivizzani:

This book has a lot of GREAT information! I like that the authors give you plenty of websites to go to for more information and advice. The only thing I would have liked to have seen was an appendix so you can find the website you want to go to without going through the entire book.

Actually, we did make an index of Web sites but including it would have pushed the price of the book up by like three more dollars. We promise, double pinky promise, to have an index of Web sites in the second edition, which will be out relatively soon (with an added chapter!). In fact, in the next four books of the series (which are in production right now with several authors), we’ve added indices for both people mentioned in the book and all Web site URLs.

Laila Salaam

Finally! A book by real people who give you the “How-to” and “How-not-to” of starting and operating a successful business from the comfort of your home, on a small budget. Steve Monas and Richard Hooker give you all the details, starting with how to outsource the heavy work and delegating authority, in this educational and inspiring book. . . . No cheerleading here, just good, old-fashioned, hard work and business acumen to guide you through the startup process. (Don’t skip the introduction, or you’ll miss out on some great advice.)

I like that review because it hits the nail right on the head. There’s nothing flashy about the book, no purple cows or meatball sundaes, just good, detailed advice on all the crap you have to do in a small business.

Thanks everyone!

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