Computer games are flying off the shelves

In the one sunny room in the retail version of the Addams family mansion, computer games are going like hotcakes. Even Activision is going to market with a Guitar Hero World Tour that will empty some Guitar Schmuck’s wallet by some 190 bucks, although there is some concern that a few Guitar Suckers will gobsmack at the price tag.

“The credit crunch is a fact for folks in the US and Europe, so people are being much more cautious,” said Aaron Greenberg, head of product management in Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment business.

“Consumers are staying in and spending more money on being entertained at home.”

There’s a strategic takeway from all this.

This recession is going to be very different from any previous recession. Remember that book about the death of bowling alleys? How previous generations used social means to pass the time? In this recession, expect underemployed and unemployed people to spend most of their greatly increased free time sitting in front of a computer, a televsion, or a gaming console.

From the standpoint of product development or marketing, there are huge opportunities in social media, gaming, low-budget Internet video, podcasting, blogging, crafts, and numerous other time-wasters. Expect consumption of online games, social media, blogs, online video, podcasts, and low-cost music to sharply increase over the next six months. You can also expect more people to be turning to crafts not simply to reduce costs (crafts are often more expensive than buying finished products), but to productively occupy time, unlike video games.

Again, from a consumer value point-of-view, the goal is to offer the greatest number of diversionary hours per dollar, which, of course, is why games are doing so well and DVDs are slumping. Games, of course, are the ultimate time-wasters, delivering dozens if not hundreds of entertainment hours per game. A well-designed game can easily deliver two to three hours of play time per dollar spent.

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  1. […] In a previous post, I predicted that video games and inexpensive craft items, would fare very well in the coming recession. Here’s the pudding in the proof from tomorrow’s New York Times; Craft stores, from giant chains like Michaels Stores to small scrapbook supply shops, are reporting that sales are higher compared with the last holiday season, and online marketplaces for handmade goods, like Etsy, are seeing a boom in listings and transactions. […]

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